With this site I stake my claim on the vast expanse known as the world wide web.

Update: 10-7-08, 10:34pm

Update: 11-9-07, 10:40pm

Update: 3-31-07, 7:28pm

I've been working hard on this web complex and all the different pieces. There's still plenty more to do, but I'm making progress. Please feel free to explore to find out more about what's going on in our world. Most of the "Oops!" pages are gone!

As I continue the work of getting everything transferred over, you can still visit my old Geocities site to check out anything that isn't here yet. I'm not updating anything there, so watch out for the spiderwebs as I haven't done anything since last June 2005, but it's there if you're interested... Marty's Home on the Web

One thing I am quite good at keeping up to date is B's Blog. Be sure to check it out for the latest news in my life. I try to post something at least once a week. Head on over there to see what we have been up to and to read my opinions on the world as we know it.

About this webpage:

This website will be used to share the current happenings in our lives, as well as past experiences. You will also find personal opinions, thoughts on many topics and things I just want to share with the world. If you're looking to waste a couple minutes, I think you'll be able to do it here.

If you ever notice anything that is inaccurate, not working correctly, or just plain wrong. Please drop me a line and let me know! Not only will it help me to get it fixed, but it'll also show me that someone out there is actually checking out the stuff I put up here! Contact me via any of the ways on the Contact page. Thanks! :-)

Thanks for dropping by! Enjoy!


Formerly Marty's Home on the Web

  • Established: January 20, 1999
  • Site Down: October 2001 to March 2003
  • Re-Established: March 31, 2003
  • - Established: April 9, 2006